• Top 4 Value Increased Vehicles in the last 30 Years

    When it comes to the automotive market, there are several factors that can influence a vehicle's value over time, such as its rarity, historical significance, and overall desirability. Here are a few examples of automobiles that have gone up in value over the past 30 years:


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  • Review:  2004 Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG

    The W211 Mercedes is a great chassis for a road trip. It may not have razor sharp handling like some
    other cars, but that doesn't matter when you're primary concern is covering highway miles quickly, and
    comfortably. I recently took my 15 year old 2004 E55 AMG on a road trip to the Great American
    Outdoor Show in Harrisburg Pennsylvania and realized once again, just how much I love that car.
    Starting in Western PA, the trip was a little under 400 miles round trip. I drove out after work on a
    Tuesday, attended the show on Wednesday, and drove back on Wednesday evening after the show. And
    the car was filthy after this trip.


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  • 2020 Jeep Gladiator


    Jeep recently introducted the Gladiator, a four door pickup truck based on the most recent wrangler, the JL.  It has been over two decades since Jeep built and sold a pickup truck.  There have been a few concept teasers over the years, but this is the first production Jeep pickup since the Commanche.  That truck was based on the XJ of the time, not the CJ or YJ, the wrangler equivalents of the era...Read More...

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    Nearly every WJ on the road in the Northern half of the country has rusty rocker panels.  It's not just WJs, the rust belt has earned the name for more than one reason.  The defunct steel mills are one reason, and the other is that cars rust faster due to the use of road salt to deal with snow on the roads.  Many owners choose to replace these rusted out panels with newer steel...Read More...

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  • It is not uncommon for people to come to the realization that dollar-for-dollar, pound-for-pound not many vehicles can come close to an older Jeep. Exemplifying this perfectly is my 1998 5.9 Limited Grand Cherokee pictured above...Read More...

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    The prospect of the future is evocative of many human emotions which can cause discomfort. There is the fear of the unknown, change, fear of unfavorable events, and others...Read More

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